Located in Southern New Hampshire, I am available throughout New England, North America, and Internationally. 

Email: john@jamphotography.net

Facebook: John A Miller Photography Facebook Page

Instagram: @jamphotographme

Twitter: @jamphotographme

Phone: (207) 356-1150

My enthusiasm for motorsports photography comes from generations of involvement and personal racing experiences. Every single time I grab my camera the goal is to WOW myself and others with my content. 

I am most proud of my two-time Most Valuable Employee distinction at Unity Raceway, the track I call home. In 2015 on opening day I showed up as an unknown, a nobody, some guy with a camera. Team Huff, the racers, families, and fans let me share my perspective and embraced me with open arms. 

As time has progressed I have been able to partner with many tracks, publications, and media outlets. The opportunities have allowed me to travel throughout Maine, New England, the East Coast, and Maritime Canada. 

*First cover shot September 2017 issue of Circle Track Magazine. The nations oldest Auto Racing publication with over 231,000 print subscribers. 

*Second cover shot January 2018 issue of Circle Track Magazine.

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